How to Draw a 3-D Box

How to Draw a 3-D Box

3-D Box from Sandy Silverthorne on Vimeo.

On this quick tutorial we’re going to see how to make something look three dimensional- that is not flat but with some depth to it. We’ll start with a square and then we’re going to add the secret ingredient- the Vanishing Point. The Vanishing Point is a little dot off in the distance; you can put it anywhere you want on your paper but the important thing to remember is all of your lines will need to head towards the Vanishing Point. We’ll draw lines from the corners of the box off the VP. It looks a little funny at first but now when we erase the extra lines we’ve got a pretty good looking little box.

 Now why would I want to draw a 3-D Box you might ask? Well if you want to draw a picture of a birthday present it works pretty well. Just draw your box, add some ribbon and a little color and there you go- a birthday gift for Grandma.

 Or you can try using this cool 3-D technique to draw a city street. Start with your square again, then we’ll have the Vanishing Point way over to the right. Have all the lines head towards the Vanishing Point. Then we can make these into the buildings on the street, add windows, doors, maybe a little awning, and you’ve got a street that could be New York, Chicago or maybe Philadelphia. Add a tree and some extra detail and you’ve got a big city street.

 You might need to practice this a little bit, but once you’ve got it, it’ll stick with you forever.

 So remember, draw the square, then place your Vanishing Point wherever you want it. Then make sure all your side lines go straight to the VP. Erase your extra lines and you’ve got a 3-D box. Easy.