If it’s Meant to Happen

sandy_drawsIf It’s Meant To Happen…

There’s a lot of talk going around today about getting a book published. Who do I send it to? Do I have to have a perfect pitch? Should I get an agent? There really are a lot of questions. First and foremost you need to have a great book, make sure you’ve done a few rewrites and if possible have someone you trust- besides your mom- take a look at it and give you constructive feedback.

Then you get to start the hard work of getting it out there. And it is work. It probably won’t be easy but the Bible says in “All labor there is profit.” In other words, work hard and it’ll pay off in some way.

That being said I’ve got to tell you about a proposal I sent in once. It was an idea for a children’s series. I put together a great proposal. Talked all about the book ideas, told about myself, even sent in some review of some of my other work. It was perfect. The only thing I forget to put ANYWHERE IN THE ENTIRE PACKET- was my contact information. You know, email, phone number. Even address. These people didn’t even know what state I lived in! So a few weeks later I get a call from one of the publishers mentioned in one of the reviews I’d included in the proposal. They told me that this other publisher was looking for me and would I please give them a call?

I file this story under “If it’s meant to happen, even if you do everything wrong, which I did, it’s going to happen.”

And don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of stories of when I did everything right and still didn’t get a book deal, but we’ll save that for another time. In the meantime, take care, keep doing what you’re supposed to be doing and trust that God’s going to take care of the details. And don’t forget to put your contact information in your proposal.

Keep writing (and illustrating) and have fun.