Turkey, Pie and Being Thankful

Learn How to Draw A TurkeyThanksgiving is almost here and with this wonderful holiday come thoughts of gathering with friends and family, watching some football and of course delicious food. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls and pumpkin pie. All my favorites.

Speaking of turkey, this short cartoon video will help you learn how to draw a little pilgrim turkey. It’s easy, quick and fun and would make a great addition to a Happy Thanksgiving card for your mom, dad or teacher. So check it out. And send me a scan of your drawing, it might just appear in our website.

And make sure this Thanksgiving season that sometime you write down 5 things you’re really thankful for. You don’t have to show your list to anyone but it’s a really good practice to stop for a couple seconds every day (not just on Thanksgiving) and realize all the good stuff going on in your life.

 Well, get out your paper and pencil, enjoy the video and make sure you have a great Thanksgiving!