Wait in the Water- Joshua Chapter 3

Jordan River from Sandy Silverthorne on Vimeo.

Well I don’t know about you but I hate to wait, especially when I’m waiting for God to answer a prayer. Well I want you to look at this account out of Joshua Chapter 3. This is the Jordan River, over here is the Promised Land. Where they want to go but as you can see You Are Here– they’re on the other side of the river. They need to cross it- what they really need is a miracle. So God tells Joshua have the priests take the Ark of the Covenant, now if you saw Raiders of the Lost Ark that’s pretty much what this looked like, it was a big solid gold box and it represented the presence of the Lord. And the priests carried it wherever it went. As you can see it’s on poles. So God said have the priests take the ark into the middle of the water and as soon as their feet touch the water I will stop up the river and all of you will be able to cross over on dry land. So they obeyed that, they did that and God was good for his word, He stopped the river at that exact second.

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But what they didn’t know- here they are, here’s the priests down here in the river standing at the beginning of the river- and here are all the children of Israel. That God stopped the river but He stopped it up at a place called Adam which was 20 miles from everybody. Now I’ve never studied water flow or anything like that but I’m thinking how long did it take for the water to dry up from 20 miles upstream? 3 hours? A day? Well I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like those guys standing in the water, waiting for God to do something. And I guess we all get there so when we do that, I guess we should remember to:

Hang on

Be patient

Trust God  Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 5.21.59 PM

Because He’s up to something that we may not even see.